Daily Bread Consultancy

Fund Raising Services, Marketing Consultants, Web Design

 marketing, web design, web development, fund raising


Daily Bread Consultancy

is a consortium of charity consultants. We formed in October 2016 to provide strategic thinking, specialist, digital consultancy services to charities and businesses.

With over 45 years combined experience in the third sector, our charity consultants specialise in guiding and supporting businesses and charities to achieve their missional goals. We are driven by purpose and are committed to performance.

Our consultants offer a range of services, and provide expert advice and data analysis, that will enhance your business development strategy.

We are passionate about transformational change and turn insights into actions, challenges into opportunities, and goals into impact.

The inspiration for our name comes from our Christian roots. Daily Bread refers to the money or food that one needs in order to live. Our consultancy aims to help provide this for charities, churches and businesses alike.

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