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Book One - Murder is Only the Beginning.
The main characters are Detectives David Andrews, Paul Cameron, Cathy Edwards, and Krista Nolan. Dave and Paul work in the 7th precinct of the Bathville, Massachusetts Police Department. Cathy and Krista are from Northern Ireland and arrive in the States as a result of a special police program. This first book lays the foundations for the detectives' working relations as well as allowing for strong romance and deep friendships to blossom and grow. Their first case together is in a sleazy nightclub where the owner is suspected of being the cause of death for 4 employees.
Book Two - The Revenge
Six months after solving their first case together, a former arrest in Detective Paul Cameron's previous police life in Brooklyn has, after five years, caught up to him. The ex-con has plotted his revenge against Paul and his loved ones.
Book Three - The Consequences
A serial killer is still on the loose after 4 policewomen from several precincts all over Massachusetts have been brutally murdered. There are no obvious connections between the victims, other than their chosen profession, and never any clues at the crime scene to follow.
Book Four - The Obsession
Krista discovers she has had a secret admirer at the precinct. Once he realizes she has learned of his identity, he does everything in his power to take her away from Paul.

All the novels can be purchased online in hard cover format at Amazon, and in e-book format at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple Books, or nook.

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